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Amazon Quiz Answers Today for 29th May 2021: Win ₹25,000 Pay Balance

Amazon Quiz Answers for 29th May 2021. Submit your today's Amazon Quiz Answers & Win daily ₹25,000 Amazon Pay Balance for Lucky Participants. It is running from 12 AM to 11:59 PM everyday. Winners of everyday's Quiz will be announced on the next day of the Amazon Quiz Winners Section. Submit Correct answers in Amazon App to Win Amazon prizes. Get all the Latest Amazon Quiz Answers here. The hashtag for "Amazon Quiz" is #QuizTimeMorningsWithAmazon and #AmazonQuiz

Today's Amazon Quiz Answers- Win ₹25,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1: National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal is managed by which of these Indian ministries?

Answer: Ministry of Home Affairs

Question 2: On International Womens Day 2021, which statue was surrounded by shards of broken glass to represent the smashing of the glass ceiling?

Answer: Fearless Girl, Wall Street

Question 3: In April 2021, who became the number one ODI batsman in ICC ODI rankings?

Answer: Babar Azam

Question 4: This is the baby of which animal?

Answer: Ostrich

Question 5: This object was invented by which English philosopher in 1250?

Answer: Roger Bacon

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Amazon The Ultimate Friends Fan Quiz Answers

Question 1: Guess the dialogue.

Answer: I'm fine

Question 2: Guess the dialogue.

Answer: How you doin'?

Question 3: Who is joey's bedtime pal?

Answer: Hugsy

Question 4: What does Ross shout when he moves his couch upstairs?

Answer: Pivot

Question 5: According to Ross what is Unagi?

Answer: A state of total awareness

Question 6: Rachel gave a letter to Ross, How many pages were there in the letter?

Answer: 18 front and back

Question 7: Why did Ross get divorced the 2nd time?

Answer: He Said wrong name at the Altar

Question 8: Who was the first to know about Monica and Chandler?

Answer: Joey

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